Telephone Scams




This is an example : -

1. This one targets women in particular. They receive a phone call, supposedly from the Post Office asking them to confirm their postcode. When this is confirmed, the caller tells them that they have become eligible for some free gift vouchers for their co-operation and they are then asked to provide their full home address and postcode in order to receive the vouchers.

So far, 90% of the women who provided this information have been burgled shortly after, as the caller assumes that the homes will be empty during office hours. The Police are aware of this scam and the Post Office has confirmed that they are NOT conducting any postcode surveys, by telephone, or otherwise.

2. Reports have also been received of telephone calls being made by an individual who identifies himself as being a BT service technician or some other telephone company engineer. They claim to be conducting tests on the line. They will say that in order to complete the test, they require you to dial a certain sequence of numbers (for obvious reasons we are not divulging these numbers) and to then hang up. If you do this, it will allow the caller full access to your phone line and they will be able to make calls to international, long distance, premium rate and chat line destinations. All calls made in this way WILL BE BILLED TO YOUR ACCOUNT. In some cases, thousands of pounds worth of telephone calls have been fraudulently made.


If anyone has experienced incidents such as these,
please contact the Police on 01923 472000