deer.gifThe Moor Park and Sandy Lodge Residents Association was formed over sixty years ago to serve the interests of the residents. It is quite separate from Moor Park (1958) Limited which is the estate management company. Whilst the company oversees the technical and legal aspects of the Estate, we try to concentrate on the more personal and social aspects. In this way, we complement and assist each other and help to maintain the sense of community that is special to Moor Park.

In 1983 it was our Association that implemented the country’s first community Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. This scheme still operates and is supported by the Association. We encourage all in the Moor Park and Sandy Lodge area to work closely with their neighbours in simple security precautions. In this way there is much we can do, working together, to prevent crime on the Estate.

We also contribute to such items as the maintenance of the flowerbeds in Main Avenue and the Christmas lights that are displayed on the trees outside the parade of shops.

We work closely with Moor Park (1958) Limited on planning matters relevant to the Estate and its immediate environment. Where necessary, we attend meetings of the Planning Committee of the local Three Rivers District Council and we also attend meetings of the Rickmansworth Area Forum in order to keep informed about matters of local interest. We staunchly defend the Green Belt and, following the council’s compulsory purchase of the withey Beds, are in the process of forming a sub-committee to maintain this special scientific site. This will include a volunteer group “Friends of the withey Beds” to assist in the general upkeep of the land.

We strongly supported the Batchworth Heath Traffic Improvement Scheme promoted by Hertfordshire County Council, which was originally turned down by the Secretary of State after a public enquiry. However, as a result of some fatal accidents, the issue was re-addressed and improvements have now been carried out.

At least four meetings a year are held and, while these are normally for committee members only, any members requesting to attend may do so. The AGM in May is open to all members of the Association. Annual membership is expected to increase from 1 October 2003 to £5 a year. Members receive a newsletter four times a year. You may find that joining the Association saves you money on your household insurance as it is recognised by the police as a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.